BTC Resources: Shaping Tomorrow’s Future Today with VIP (Violence Intervention and Prevention) Program

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At BTC Resources, we firmly believe in the potential of today’s youth and the power they hold to shape tomorrow. With this understanding, we have rolled out our distinguished VIP—Violence Intervention and Prevention—Program, an initiative focused on mitigating the risk factors contributing to youth violence through empowering their potential and honing their life skills.


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What We Do

Our VIP Program aims at equipping our youth with knowledge, skills, and opportunities that will not only prevent their involvement in violence, but also motivate them to grow as responsible, productive citizens contributing positively to society.

Nurturing Discipline through Farming

BTC Resources’ VIP Program introduces farming as a practical, hands-on skill training. We guide our youth to learn about the various aspects of farming, from sowing seeds to harvesting, from crop management to market selling. This unique experience with the life-nurturing cycles of nature instills responsibility, patience, and an appreciation for the environment.

As they roll up their sleeves and dive into the profound cycle of life, participants garner a strong sense of commitment and learn the importance of disciplinary procedures. Farming activities inspire the youth to value hard work, understand the preciousness of life, and learn how they can positively contribute to the environment and society.

Education and Learning

At BTC Resources, we’re steadfast in our belief that education is a significant stepping stone toward a brighter future. Alongside farming, our VIP Program offers comprehensive educational support to help participants understand the world around them better, and furnish them with essential life skills.

Our holistic educational approach incorporates academic tutoring and vocational training, cultivating self-confidence, leadership skills, and stimulating intellectual curiosity. These building blocks lay the foundation for a successful life journey, empowering them to make conscious choices against violence and destructive behavior.

Career Opportunities

BTC Resources’ VIP Program doesn’t stop at building skillsets; we strive to link these employable skills to real-world career opportunities. We have established partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and industries eager to invest in the youth.

Through these partnerships, we provide job opportunities and internships to program participants. These experiences present them with a chance to not only put their newfound skills into practice but also to explore potential career pathways. This exposure assists them in identifying their interests while simultaneously opening doors to self-sufficiency, reducing the possibility of involvement in violence.

Join BTC Resources’ VIP Program


We invite all the youth who strive for a more prosperous and violence-free future to join us at BTC Resources’ VIP Program. Together, we can elevate the youth from being merely recipients of knowledge to being architects of a brighter, safer tomorrow.

Our VIP Program is truly a journey where every individual is seen, heard, and valued. It’s a path of growth, respect, and transformation. Connect with BTC Resources today, and let’s steer our youth towards a constructive, successful, and violence-free future.

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