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Welcome to BTC Resources!

At BTC Resources, raising the bar of equality is more than just an aspiration – it’s our mission. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Ohio, with a focused approach on bridging the employment gap for underrepresented communities – minorities, females, veterans, and ex-offenders. Our determination for social change transcends borders as we look to establish the GodRich urban farm. 

With over 25 years of experience, our dedicated team works tirelessly to combat inequality by:

  1. Providing Clear Access: We connect qualified contractors with organizations seeking talent through our Contractors Referral Service. We actively promote a neutral environment for MBE/FBE/VBE/DBE.

  2. Empowering Through Skills: An effective way to break down barriers is by arming individuals with the tools they need for success. Our Mentoring and Training programs foster one-on-one relationships between employees and employers, paving the way for skill-building.

  3. Building Communities: Every community rejuvenation project we engage in exemplifies our motto – “Building Futures 1 Brick at a Time”. We consult with contractors and community organizations to merge ideas, inspire teamwork, and create holistic solutions.

We believe in a world where everyone gets an equal shot at building their future. Join us in taking this step toward progress – because together, we can make a difference.


Fiscal Year 2024


While we’ve affected positive change in many ways, the sad reality remains that inequality is still rife in many industries. It’s evident that we need renewed, bold measures to increase participation from these underrepresented communities.


Enriching the community

This is where we need your help. As we embark on this journey to revitalize the communities and open doors for equal opportunities, we warmly invite you to be part of our initiative. Your financial assistance will be the catalyst that accelerates our mission, creating an atmosphere of fairness, opportunities, and growth throughout various industries in the United States.

Business Training Capital Resource, Inc.

"Building Futures 1 Brick at A Time"

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