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Sustainable Education

The Urban Farm introduces young people to sustainable farming practices, teaching them valuable lessons about the environment, agriculture, and responsibility. The knowledge they gain about the principles of sustainability and the intricacies of ecosystem balance can be harnessed for future educational and career opportunities in fields like agronomy, botany, and environmental science.

Promoting Health & Nutrition

Through interactive participation in the farm, youth gain hands-on experience in growing fresh, nutrient-dense produce. This not only promotes healthier eating habits but also educates them on nutrition and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, thereby improving public health in the long run.

Skills Development

Urban farming is not just about growing food; it’s also about growing skills. Whether it’s problem-solving, teamwork, or project management, participants walk away with a set of skills that will serve them in all areas of life.

Community Building

The Urban Farm at BTC Resources Partnerships offers a shared project around which the community can rally. This creates a sense of cohesiveness and belonging among participants and encourages engagement with the local community. It also serves as a model for similar projects in other communities, fostering overall societal development.

Economic Development

The produce grown can be sold locally, contributing to local food systems and economies, generating a modest income stream for youth organizations, and providing nutritious food for those who might otherwise not have access.


By taking part in this initiative, young people learn the importance of taking care of their environment. This not only creates an appreciation for nature but also cultivates future environmental caretakers who could continue the work on an even larger scale.


BTC Resources Partnerships’ Urban Farm is a non-profit initiative designed with a clear focus: to empower youth organizations and groups through the medium of urban farming. This outreach program has numerous benefits for both the youth involved and the community as a whole.


-Macedonia Baptist Church: Pastor Lorenzo Glen 

-Rev Ron Blackman Assistant Pastor

-Senator Vernon Sykes, PHd: Ohio SB 141

-Rid All Green Partnership

-Case Western Reserve

-Kinakwii Nation

-Agricultural Conversion Systems

-Rev. Dr. Carl Wallace, Federal Commission of Ag

-Dr. John R. Patterson Jr. State Executive Director, Farm Service Agency (USDA)

-Johnny Hannah, Ward 5 Council Elect

-Akron Canton Regional Food Bank

-Violence Intervention Prevention: City Of Akron 

-Introspectrum Software

-Black Trade Council of Ohio

-Akron Foundation 

-Ben Rubber City Reuse

-Black Trade Counsel

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-JOG Program Job for Ohio Grades

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-John Marsh ODOT

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